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June 21, 2012

6th EUROSOLAR Conference On City Utilities Using Renewable Energy

Presented in German: 6. EUROSOLAR-Konferenz 
"Stadtwerke mit Erneuerbaren Energien"
In collaboration with: Stadtwerke Heidelberg GmbH
21/22 June 2012, venue: Kongresshaus Stadthalle Heidelberg 

City utilities, medium-sized firms, local communities and civil society coalitions are the central actors of renewable energy development. A viable future for energy supply based on decentralized resources increases local value-add, creates employment, contributes to sustainable energy provision and helps curb climate change. City utilities have become increasingly aware of the opportunity therein. With new business models they are evolving from traditional energy suppliers into competitively innovating modern-day energy service providers. 


Against this background EUROSOLAR, in collaboration with Stadtwerke Heidelberg GmbH, will be holding the sixth conference on city utilities using renewable energy – “Stadtwerke mit Erneuerbaren Energien”. The speeches, discussions and debates will explore questions such as: 

• Energy utilities and their role in reshaping the energy sector 
• The possibilities emerging from an energy supply returned to public ownership 
• How to tap into the existing potential in building up a municipal energy supply
• How to increase the number of renewable energy installations in towns and communities 
• How private citizens can take part in regional energy projects 
• Actors and partners who can support the city utilities in transitioning to 100% renewable energy 
• Renewable energy storage and grid integration 
• The potential of renewable energies in the heating market

The conference will demonstrate how the city utilities can tap their potential as one of the key actors of an environmentally friendly energy supply close to the consumer. Furthermore, it will show the possibilities the numerous new business models are offering.

EUROSOLAR has successfully hosted this conference series together with its community partners since 2006. About 250 participants are expected to attend this year’s event in Heidelberg on 21/22 June 2012.

The conference is primarily targeted at

• Energy utilities and energy service providers, in particular city utilities 
• Companies active in the energy sector 
• Investors, banks and management consulting firms 
• Towns, municipalities and council districts 
• Renewable energy associations, organizations and local societies 
• Active private citizens 

Join experts in the discussion on promising models and the option to choose for your town, city utility or business partner. We look forward to welcoming you in Heidelberg. 

Kindly note that the 6th EUROSOLAR conference on city utilities using renewable energy energy – "Stadtwerke mit Erneuerbaren Energien" is presented in German. 

Know more about the conference program, registration and the venue (in German): www.eurosolar.org

Download Programm


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