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Bozcaada - 100% Renewable Powered Island

Image courtesy of the Earth Science and Remote Sensing Unit, NASA Johnson Space Center

Image courtesy: Demirer Holding, Istanbul

H 2 system on Bozcaada island. The renewable hydrogen facility installed by ICHET on Bozcaada Island Governorship site consists of a 30 kW wind turbine, a 20 kW array of photovoltaic cells and a 25 kW PEM fuel cell. Image courtesy of INTERNATIONAL CENTRE

100% Renewable Energy Goal Achieved:
Generating Equivalent of More than 100% of Island Consumption With Renewable Power Sources

Bozcaada, Çanakkale, Turkey


Bozcaada is a municipality and district governate located in the Province of
Çanakkale,Turkey on the island of Bozcaada in the Aegean Sea.  The district is made of the island of Bozcaada and a total of 17 islets around the main island, all of which have a total land mass of 36.7 square kilometres (14.2 sq mi).and a population of approximately 2465.

Currently, more power is generated on the island than is needed for consumption. In the year 2000, Demirer Holding began operating windfarm named Bores that includes 17 Enercon Turbines with a total installed capacity of 10.2MW, which averages  35 million kWh of power a year - the equivalent of consumption for 17,500 households or 30 times the consumption of the whole island of Bozcaada.

More recently, an experimental renewables-hydrogen energy installation was implemented by UNIDO-ICHET. The project is made up of 20 kW of solar photovoltaics, 30 kw of wind turbines, and an electrolyzer with hydrogen
storage capacity for 60 kg of hydrogen, which when needed, can convert the stored hydrogen back to electricity using a 25 kW fuel cell and 35 kW hydrogen gen-set engine. The system allows supplies round the clock electricity for the equivalent of 20 households.

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