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Solomon Islands - Vision for 100% Renewable Electricity by 2050

Aerial view of the Solomon Islands, Photo credit: Jim Lounsbury, Wikimedia Commons

Women in Nahu, Solomon Islands with their solar systems. Photo credit: IUCN Oceania

100% Renewable Energy Goal:
Fulfill potential to achieve 100% Renewable Electricity by


The Solomon Islands, a cluster of islands located in the South Pacific, is a nation that is home to approximately 562,0000 people, and in May 2012, became one of seven Small Island Developing States to commit to 100% renewable energy targets. Not all the islands have kept their commitment, but the Solomon Islands, while they have had to extend their timeline, still believe they can get to 100% renewable electricity by 2050, with an interim goal of 79% by 2030.

A National Energy Policy and Strategic Plan updated in 2014 recognized that while the share of power generation in Solomon Islands in 2009 was only 0.6%, potential to increase renewable electricity exists in geothermal energy, small hydro, solar, wood waste, and organic waste to biogas. The plan reveals solar PV, however, to be the best, most cost-effective option for renewable generation in remote villages.

As a sign of progress, a 1 MW solar power plant developed by Masdar was unveiled on the islands in 2016.

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