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March 9, 2014

PV60 – History Becoming the Future

Celebrating the 60th Birthday of Solar's Greatest Breakthrough in 100% Renewable Powered Palo Alto, CA, April 18, 2014


On April 25, 1954, scientists at Bell Laboratories demonstrated the most significant breakthrough in the history of solar energy - a solar cell capable of directly converting enough sunlight into electricity to generate useful amounts of power.


Today, the price for practical solar power has dropped dramatically, efficiency has greatly increased, and global installations have soared from less than a watt to over a 100 billion watts today. The majority was installed in only the last few years, and industry analysts predict the total to likely jump to 200 billion watts within the next year. This momentum is helping homes, businesses, cities, regions, and nations around the world transition to renewable energy, up to 100% and beyond.

The discovery and phenomenal growth of solar PV is cause for celebration!


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