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February 28, 2014

Energy Storage Düsseldorf, Germany

The global energy supply is facing a change. The incidents in Japan earlier this year and the nuclear power phase-out of Germany contribute to the energy turnaround which is approaching fast. Already the share of renewable energies in the power supply holds 12.5 percent. Until 2020 this part will almost triple. To reach this it needs more than a heroic vision. There is a need of market-compatible concepts. To introduce the transformation if the energy system, we need efficient grids, an efficient infrastructure and efficient storage-technologies. Marketable applications and innovative concepts are the core of the “Energy Storage – International Summit for the Storage of Renewable Energies“ in Düsseldorf. It conducts research, political, industry and utility companies to discuss innovative concepts and market-ready applications for the storage of energy. The target of the „Energy Storage Summit“ is to show what future energy supply can look like, based on renewable energies and what role energy storage technologies play in this industry.   [ read more ]

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