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WWF Headquarters

Photo credit: oneplanetarchitecture rau

100% Renewable Energy Goal Achieved:

WWF Carbon-Neutral Headquarter Building


Zeist, Netherlands


The World Wildlife Fund (WWF), a pioneer in championing 100% renewable energy solutions, retrofitted its WWF Netherlands headquarters to be carbon neutral and self-sufficient in 2006.  Partnering with RAU Architecture, WWF combined sustainability and aesthetics to ensure that the building emits no more carbon into the atmosphere than it offsets or sequesters.

Architect Thomas Rau was chosen out of nine applicants because he was the only one who proposed retrofitting for efficiency instead of tearing the building down and starting from scratch. Aside from salvaging much of the existing building, other ecological features include exterior tiles made from local river clay and bricks on the facade that allow nesting by birds and bats. One of the highlights of the building is its heating and cooling system, which uses geothermal principals to run temperature-regulating water through mud insulated tubes integrated into all the ceilings. Additionally, the windows are triple glazed and have wooden louvers that allow for adjustable lighting. Felt is used for acoustical dampening. All other finishes include recycled content and were screened for fair labor practices. Power for the building is provided by rooftop photovoltaic panels.


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