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IKEA - 100% Renewable Power by 2020

The first IKEA store, located in Älmhult in Sweden not far from where the founder was born. Photo credit: Christian Koehn/wikipedia

Ikea Windfarm, UK

Ikea Solar-Roof, Southampton, UK

IKEA stores around the world. Photo credit: Peeperman/wikipedia


IKEA 100% Powered by Wind and Solar



The IKEA Group is committed to producing as much energy as is consumed in their stores and buildings no later than 2020. To this end, the company has invested €1.5 billion ($1.8 US billion) in wind and solar projects. 


In the US, 34 IKEA stores and distribution centers now have solar installations. As of November 2012, five more are in progress. This means 90% of IKEA's stores and distribution centers will be partly powered by solar. In the Western states, there are also 33 electric vehicle charging stations at 9 stores.


To ensure that the renewable electricity produced is used wisely, IKEA Group also plans to improve efficiency of its operations by at least 20% and is encouraging suppliers to do so as well. The company has already converted all their lighting to long lasting LEDs that use up to 85% less power than conventional bulbs. IKEA additionally offers energy and water efficient appliances at low prices. 


These energy measures are part of a broader sustainability strategy. IKEA Group is also aims for renewable, recyclable or recycled products and packing materials and a supply chain based on safe chemicals and responsible stewardship of forests, water and farmland.



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