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December 2, 2013

Let It Shine: The 6,000-Year Story of Solar Energy

Author: John Perlin Publisher: New World Library; Revised Edition edition (September 10, 2013) Even as concern over climate change and energy security fuel a boom in solar technology, many still think of solar as a...[more]

Category: Books

September 29, 2013


ERNEUERBARE ENERGIEN UND KLIMASCHUTZ Hintergründe - Techniken und Planung - Ökonomie und Ökologie - Energiewende Autor: Prof. Dr. Volker Quaschning Das Buch: Die Energiewende ist beschlossen – wie aber lässt sich unsere...[more]

Category: Books

November 14, 2013

Commonities = commons + communities

The Book “Commonities” (in Danish: Fælledskaber) has now been translated into English and is available as a digital download from amazon.com (click to go to the store). “Communities can overcome the forces that split societies...[more]

Category: Books

March 23, 2013

Kampf um Strom

Mythen, Macht und Monopole Alles im grünen Bereich? Von wegen! Deutschland ist Vize-Exportweltmeister, in Europa übernehmen wir die Schulden der Nachbarländer, und die Bundeskanzlerin gilt als die mächtigste Frau der Welt. Nur...[more]

Category: Books

November 21, 2012

Distributed Renewable Energies for Off-Grid Communities

Strategies and Technologies toward Achieving Sustainability in Energy Generation and Supply.  Energy is directly related to the most critical economic and social issues which affect sustainable development such as...[more]

Category: Books

January 7, 2013

Power from the People

How to Organize, Finance, and Launch Local Energy Projects More than ninety percent of the electricity we use to light our communities, and nearly all the energy we use to run our cars, heat our homes, and power our factories...[more]

Category: Books

July 1, 2012

Global Cooling

Strategies for Climate Protection (Sustainable Energy Developments)[more]

Category: Books

April 9, 2012

Electric & Hybrid Vehicle, Complete & Independent Buyer’s Guide

With this guide you will avoid costly mistakes when buying your first green car. Many consumers are unfamiliar with the specifics of green cars, so deciding which one to purchase can be challenging. This guide will help you...[more]

Category: Books

March 1, 2012

100 Prozent erneuerbar

So funktioniert der Umstieg auf saubere, erschwingliche Energien. Die Zukunft der Kernenergie wird spätestens seit Fukushima grundlegend infrage gestellt. Das Vertrauen in die erneuerbaren Energien ist jedoch vielerorts noch...[more]

Category: Books

June 29, 2012

The Energy Imperative | 100 Percent Renewable Now

The English translation of Der energethische Imperativ. For decades, Hermann Scheer was one of the world’s leading proponents of renewable energy. In this, his last book before his death in 2010, he lays out his vision for a...[more]

Category: Books

June 29, 2012

Switching to Solar: What We Can Learn from Germany’s Success in Harnessing Clean Energy

By Bob Johnstone Switching to Solar charts the dramatic rise of solar power from its off-grid origins in the 1970s to the fast-growing multibillion-dollar industry it is today. Here, for the first time, tech journalist Bob...[more]

Category: Books

June 29, 2012

Der energethische Imperativ - 100% jetzt

 Es ist das vierte der bahnbrechenden Zukunftsbücher von Hermann Scheer nach "Sonnen-Strategie" (1993), "Solare Weltwirtschaft" (1999) und "Energieautonomie" (2005).  Der Präsident von...[more]

Category: Books

January 25, 2011

The Emergence of Electricity from the Sun POWER for the World

The Book by Wolfgang Palz (World Council for Renewable Energy) concentrates on photovoltaic (PV) solar power and its scientific, technological, industrial, political, environmental and social implications. Modern PV...[more]

Category: Books

July 21, 2011

Wind Energy Basics

Wind Energy Basics, Book by Paul Gipe In 1999, Wind Energy Basics introduced micro and mini wind turbines and explained how to install and use them. This version introduces the concept of "community wind" where...[more]

Category: Books

February 8, 2011

A Renewable World: Energy, Ecology, Equality

"Here’s the book we’ve been waiting for, a thorough, up-to-date, and above all proportionate response to our climatic predicament. When I say proportionate, I mean: it tells us how to solve the problem we really have, not...[more]

Category: Books

February 4, 2011

100% Renewable - Energy Autonomy in Action

Book by Peter Droege -  A 100% renewable world is inevitable. Not only do a growing number of initiatives and plans dare to make the change but many have already achieved it. This rich collection presents a series of...[more]

Category: Books

February 1, 2011

Energy Autonomy

The Economic, Social and Technological Case for Renewable Energy For 200 years industrial civilization has relied on the combustion of abundant and cheap carbon fuels. But continued reliance has had perilous consequences. On the...[more]

Category: Books

November 19, 2011

Energy Switch: Proven Solutions for a Renewable Future

How North America Can Learn From Renewable Energy Success Stories in Europe A review by Paul Gipe Finally someone who can explain Germany's phenomenal success with renewable energy to North American readers. Craig...[more]

Category: Books

February 5, 2011

A Solar Manifesto

Book by Hermann Scheer (second Edition 2005) Climate Change, pollution, deforestation, destruction of the ozone layer, poverty and the population explosion are all problems created or exacerbated by the use of conventional...[more]

Category: Books

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