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July 24, 2013
By: Mridul Chadha for CleanTechnica

Australia’s King Island Achieves 100% Renewable Energy Supply From Off-grid System

Hydro Tasmania’s off-grid power system in King Island has achieved a remarkable achievement that could have significant ramifications for off-grid power systems across the world. King Island achieved 100% renewable energy supply for ‘sustained periods’ last month thanks to a power supply backup system that uses renewable energy to ensure an uninterrupted supply.


The island, which otherwise would be dependent on imported electricity and fuel, now seems well equipped to generate its usual as well as back up electricity through renewable energy sources.


Hydro Tasmania used its own automated power control systems and flywheel technology to supply uninterrupted power last month. For the first time, the company did not use diesel backup systems to keep the power supply going.


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