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June 6, 2013

IRENEC 2013, 3rd International 100% Renewable Energy Conference

ISTANBUL, May 29, 2013

The abundant evidence of global climate change is clearer than ever. Today is the time to actualize and propose the solutions.

The idea behind the IRENEC Conferences is to initiate an international gathering of scientists, decision makers, investors and civil society to talk and share the latest innovations, improvements taking place in energy transformation and sustainable development policies and practices all over the world and cultivate ideas and action plans.  

IRENEC 2013, 3rd International 100% Renewable Energy Conference to be held in Istanbul on 27-29 June is the third IRENEC Conference organized by EUROSOLAR Turkey, the Turkish Section of the European Association for Renewable Energy.

The theme of IRENEC 2013, "Global challenge for 100% renewable energy future," is carrying the theme of the previous two Conferences "100% renewable energy is possible" to a global call for action.

IRENEC 2013 is hosting the leaders of the major bodies and associations of the renewable energy world: World Wind Energy, World Bioenergy, International Geothermal Associations and European Association for Renewable Energy, who will disseminate the latest information on prospects made in the 100% transformation towards renewable energy.

Besides the technical aspects, Conference is highlighting the ideas and best practices on economical and political issues and focusing on solutions to limitations and barriers on energy transformation. The headlines of the program are given below. The detailed information on program and registration are found on the Conference web site: http://www.irenec2013.com

Conference Topics:

The 100% Transition: Political Economy
The 100% Transition to Renewable Energy, Energy End Use Efficiency
The 100% Transition, Built Environment
Power and Heat Generation from Renewables (Wind, Solar, Geothermal, Biomass, etc.)
The Grid and Mobility
Local Government, Community Power
100% Transition; Education, Advocacy and Finance


Prof. Dr. Tanay Sidki Uyar, EUROSOLAR Türkiye Zümrütevler Mahallesi Hukukçular Sitesi Sosyal Tesisi  34852 Maltepe - Istanbul Turkey  Telephone: +90-532-774-45-25; +90-533-395-58-39 Fax: +90-216-589-16-16 E-mail infospam @ spamirenec2013spam . spamcom

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