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April 19, 2013
By: BusinessGreen

Green groups team up to push 100 per cent renewables vision

Renewables 100 Policy Institute, World Future Council and World Wind Energy Association among the groups behind new push to promote global shift to 100 per cent clean energy

A coalition of leading green NGOs yesterday launched a campaign calling on governments around the world to commit towards the development of economies powered by a 100 per cent renewable energy mix.


The alliance, formed at the Pathways to 100 per cent Renewable Energy Conference in San Francisco, will argue that it is both feasible and desirable to commit to using just renewable energy to provide electricity, heating, cooling and transport globally.


"It is a fact that non-renewable energies will, by definition, run out. It is also a fact that in the meantime, dependence on these energy sources is causing multiple existential global crises," said Stefan Schurig, director of climate and energy at the World Future Council, one of the founding members of the new group. "If human beings are to preserve modernity and planetary habitability, we must soon shift to 100 per cent renewable energy in all sectors."

The group, which includes the Renewables 100 Policy Institute, World Wind Energy Association, Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems, DeENet and World Bioenergy Association, also issued a statement arguing that a public commitment by political leaders to deliver 100 per cent renewable power would help tackle the policy "inertia" that is afflicting the sector.


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