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March 21, 2013

From Vision to Action: A Workshop Report on 100% RE in European Regions

Renewables 100 Policy Institute collaborated with World Future Council (WFC) and Climate Service Center (CSC) on Vision to Action: A Workshop Report on 100% Renewable Energies in European Regions, a report intended to serve as a handbook for European policy makers wishing to pursue 100% renewable energy targets.


The report stems from a parliamentary hearing  hosted by WFC, CSC, and Nordic Folkecenter in Hurup, Thy Denmark in October 2012.


This gathering provided a platform for policy makers and experts to share knowledge, exchange ideas, develop strategies and build up networks in order to implement the 100% Renewable Energies (RE) target across European regions. The overall goal was to enable decision makers from European regions to undertake the necessary political action to realize the 100% RE goal by presenting political instruments and strategies that showed success elsewhere in Europe. In this multi-stakeholder dialogue, 40 representatives from national, regional and local governments, as well as academia and civil society, from 15 European countries and Canada participated. 


Click here to read the report. 


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