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December 5, 2012

Offshore wind better than natural gas for UK

A Study into the Economics of Gas and Offshore Wind.

Launched by Greenpeace and WWF-UK, November 2012


There are arguments for and against each of these strategies: on the one hand new gas plants are cheap to build, but are reliant on gas imports and vulnerable to rising (and volatile) gas and carbon prices; wind turbines, on the other hand, have a high upfront capital cost, but low running costs and they do not rely on imported gas or produce greenhouse gas emissions.   


Key points, investing more in offshore wind the UK:

- 70,000 more jobs would be created in the wind scenario by 2030 

- GDP will be £20bn higher (0.8%) in the wind  scenario by 2030

- Save £8bn a year on gas imports by 2030

- Carbon emissions are two thirds lower in the UK’s power sector by 2030 


Download Study here


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