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November 8, 2012
By: Paul gipe, wind works

Iceland - 100% Renewable Electricity Supply

Photo credit: Gretar Ivarsson

Iceland--an Example of the High Penetration of Renewables in the Modern Era

100% Renewable Electricity Supply
Among World's Highest Geothermal Penetration
Highest Per Capita Geothermal Development in the World


Iceland's famous for its breathtaking scenery, its geysers, its Blue Lagoon--and for sitting astride the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Among energy wonks, Iceland is also well known for using its abundant renewable energy, and especially for tapping the volcanic roots of the island in developing its geothermal resources.


Iceland today generates 100% of its electricity with renewables: 75% of that from large hydro, and 25% from geothermal. Equally significant, Iceland provides 87% of its demand for hot water and heat with geothermal energy, primarily through an extensive district heating system.


Altogether, hydro and geothermal sources meet 81% of Iceland's primary energy requirements for electricity, heat, and transportation. This must be a record in the modern era. Certainly Icelandic politicians think so, because they frequently make reference to it.


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Source: Paul Gipe / wind-works.org



Country of Iceland

100% Renewable Energy Goal Achieved

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