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September 7, 2012
By: Craig Morris | Renewables International

German grid reaches record reliability in 2011

On Monday, Germany's Network Agency announced that the German grid only had a downtime of 15.31 minutes, even lower than the already impressive 17.44 minutes of downtime during the period from 2006 the 2010.


Last spring, when the German government resolved to shut down eight of the country's 17 nuclear plants within a week, there was concern about whether the country's grid would remain reliable. Not only did the country avoid a major blackout during the winter, but its availability actually increased over the average going back to 2006, when reporting began.

In 2006, the Network Agency began calculating the SAIDI value (system average interruption duration index), which can be seen on this website in German.  The index does not include planned interruptions or downtime due to natural disasters; rather, it only includes unplanned interruptions lasting more than three minutes.


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