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May 29, 2012
By: Craig Morris

On Monday, the peak price for a megawatt-power of electricity in Germany was around 25% below the price in France

Solar city Freiburg, photo credit: Paul Gipe - wind-works.org

Germany sets record for peak solar power production.


On Saturday, Germany set a new record for solar power production, briefly reaching around 22 GW. Today is a public holiday in Germany, so demand remained low over the long weekend – allowing solar power to offset quite an amount of baseload power.

The record may not stand the long, however. We are still three weeks away from summer solstice, and Germany continues to install solar at a feverish pace as the sector rushes to complete systems before feed in tariffs are once again reduced even further. Indeed, the day before the record was set on Saturday, solar power production was only moderately lower , peaking at 20 GW, and today the peak was nearly at 18 GW.

As reported last week, Germany installed 1.8 GW of PV in the first quarter of this year, bringing the total up to almost 27 GW (the figures for April are not in yet). And impressively, the country managed to produce around 22 GW of power on Saturday as the sky across Germany remained largely cloudless. Indeed, Europe underwent a bit of a weather reversal over the weekend, with temperatures in Germany close to 30°C, compared to highs of around 20°C on the Iberian Peninsula. Normally, German solar power production peaks at around 70% of installed capacity, but 22 GW is far above 80% of the capacity installed by the end of March.

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by Craig Morris | renewablesinternational.net 

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