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July 3, 2011

100% renewable electricity supply | Germany


Energy goal for 2050: 100% renewable electricity supply


+ 27.06.2011 + New UBA study shows that electricity supplied entirely from renewable energies is realistic.

Germany’s electricity supply could make a complete switch to renewable energies by 2050. The technology already available on the market could make this possible even today, but it requires that electricity be used and produced very efficiently. These are the results of the Energieziel 2050: 100% Strom aus erneuerbaren Quellen [100% renewable electricity supply by 2050] study done by the Federal Environment Agency (UBA).

In order to achieve this goal by 2050 UBA is calling for timely political support. “The earlier we take decisive action the more time there will be to make the necessary technological and social adaptation,” says Jochen Flasbarth, President of the Federal Environment Agency. Moreover, Germany could drastically reduce its great dependence on imports of primary energy sources if electricity were produced with renewable energies only.  [Read More]

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