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April 23, 2012

Joey's Pizza's 100% Renewable Delivery

Photo credit: Joey's Pizza

Germany's largest fast-food delivery service, Joey's Pizza, has launched a six month pilot program at its Hamburg branch to test electric delivery vehicles powered by renewable sources.The energy company Eon is cooperating with the project by supplying charging stations and renewable power. Included in the test are one electric car and 6 electric scooters. The car currently in the project is a Citroën C-Zero, with Renault's Twizy being on the shortlist to also be included in the test. Three models of scooters are included in the pilot program.  Use of each vehicle on a larger scale will depend on the number of pizza's they transport. The entire fleet consists of around 400 cars, 1000 scooters, and 400 bikes. 


The primary areas of focus for the Hamburg pilot program are reliability, coverage, and duration of charging. Also playing important roles are economic efficiency and savings. "Electric mobility is an especially relevant topic for Joey's, as we are a company in the home-delivery business. We want time to gain experience with the new technology and to find out how this program can save resources and energy used in our daily business," said project manager Frederick Niemax.

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