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October 8, 2012

100 % renewable energy is already reality

Europe is showing the world that we can move to a sustainable energy future based on cost-effective, clean and stable supplies. Renewable energies (RE) accounted for more than 71% of total electric capacity additions in 2011,...[more]

Category: Europe - News

September 7, 2012

German grid reaches record reliability in 2011

On Monday, Germany's Network Agency announced that the German grid only had a downtime of 15.31 minutes, even lower than the already impressive 17.44 minutes of downtime during the period from 2006 the 2010. Last spring, when...[more]

Category: Europe - News

August 30, 2012

PV prices down 66% since 2006

Germany's BSW-Solar has published a chart showing that the price of a solar array in Germany is now down to 1,702 euros per kilowatt – further proof that feed-in tariffs reduce prices more than policies used in other countries,...[more]

Category: Europe - News

August 18, 2012

First wind-powered EV charging station installed

What's claimed to be the world's first fully integrated wind-powered electric vehicle charging station has just been unveiled in Barcelona, Spain. The Sanya Skypump marries a 4 kW turbine developed by New York's Urban Green...[more]

Category: Europe - News

August 11, 2012

e-miglia 2012: Already a classic of e-mobility

On August 12th, 2012 the e-miglia is starting into its third year. In their rally through four Alpine countries various electric vehicles will once again prove in an ambitious and sportive way that zero-emission mobility isn’t a...[more]

Category: Europe - News

August 5, 2012

NREL Study Shows Renewable Energy Potential in Every State

A new study of renewable energy’s technical potential finds that every state in the nation has the space and resource to generate clean energy. The U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory produced the...[more]

Category: North America - News

August 2, 2012

“Open PV Project”

Check out National Renewable Energy Laboratory's (NREL) "Open PV Project": A community driven, comprehensive database of solar PV installsA collaboration between government, industry and the publicTracks the real-time...[more]

Category: North America - News

July 30, 2012

German wind and PV lower European market power prices

In countries with a large penetration rate of zero fuel cost renewables (wind power in Denmark and Spain, wind and PV in Germany), the “merit-order effect” (avoiding the most costly means of power production to cover peak loads)...[more]

Category: Europe - News

July 25, 2012

Energy Cooperatives invest 800 Million Euros in Energy System Transformation in Germany

Over 80,000 Germans are actively participating in cooperative power plant projects / Participation possible starting with minimal capital / Vast majority of energy cooperatives are using solar power. More and more people in...[more]

Category: Europe - News

June 23, 2012

New Study shows that ambitious efficiency standards in the EU can save 110 nuclear power plants.

Massive economic and environmental gains through EU Ecodesign Directive The EU Ecodesign Directive aims at reducing the environmental impact of a number of products sold in the EU, with emphasis on their energy...[more]

Category: Europe - News

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