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“If not you, then who?   If not now, then when?”  – Martin Buber

What We Are:

Go 100% is a global community that shares the vision that supplying our electricity, heating, and transportation energy needs with 100% sustainable renewable sources is urgent and achievable. Anyone curious about, striving for, or who has achieved this aim is welcome. 

What We Do:

We aim to inspire each other and others to reach the 100% renewable energy goal locally and globally by

Why We Are Doing It:

The conventional energy system has led to multiple convergent existential crises. These include climate change, air and water pollution, destruction of the oceans, the threat of mass extinction, water and food shortages, energy poverty, nuclear waste pile up, nuclear weapons proliferation, fuel depletion, and geopolitical tension.

If we do not change this energy system to a sustainable one based on conservation, efficiency, load management, and ecologically sustainable forms of renewable energy in the near future, humankind risks diminished planetary habitability for many generations.

Gloom and despair are not healthy options. Focusing on solutions is.

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