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juwi - 100+% Renewable Office Building

Photo credit: juwi

100% Renewable Energy Goal Achieved:

100% Renewable Energy Office Building, With Plans to Support the Whole Town In Becoming 100% Renewable


juwi's headquarters in Woerrstadt, Germany


juwi's headquarters is a model of sustainable building that has garnered many awards, including the 2008 German Climate Protection Award from the German environmental organization “Deutsche Umwelthilfe.”   It is plus energy building, meaning that it produces more energy than it consumes.

The first construction period lasted only six months, due to the highly efficient and ecological timber methods used and quickly became the work place to more than 300 people. Having created 350 new jobs in 2009, juwi will soon exceed the limit of 1,000 employees. With more than 700 people in Woerrstadt, the company is one of the largest employers in the region. Due to that extensive growth the headquarters were expanded again 2010. 

For ventilation, heating and cooling, Juwi designed an efficient supply system entirely based on renewable energy sources. The energy cabin supplies the building complex with heat using CO2-neutral wood delivered through a radiant floor heating system.

A sprinkler tank which holds 114,000 litres provides a dual function of fire protection and cooling of the building, using water cooled by the night time air that is pump chilled temperatures into the building on hot days.

Numerous photovoltaic modules and cell technologoies on a total area of 3,150 square meters of roofs, south facades and a car park transform sunlight into clean energy.

Solar carports constructed in December 2009 on 920 m2 produce 97,000 kilowatt-hours annually and protect parked cars from the elements.

Along with these, solar charging stations and a test program for electric cars, bikes, and scooters are part of the company's methods of supporting future mobility based on electricity powered by renewables.

If a power failure occurs, the battery-supported system developed by SMA Technology AG takes over the energy supply for important functions, such as the emergency lighting, the controlling of the fire sprinkler and the complete computing systems – including the telephone system. The batteries consisting of lead gel are maintenance-free, have a life span of approximately twelve years and are completely recyclable. 

Energy-efficient water usage and recycling systems concepts include cisterns that collect rain for use in low flush toilets. Four vacuum pumps separate fecal matter from water, where it can be put to use to create energy.

As part of its commitment to sustainability, juwi has created a working environment that sustains the individuals. Features that help keep them happy and creative are a gym, a meditation room, and a child day care center. Future plans include a larger scale wind farm and solar park in the town. Because of juwi's endeavors, Woerrstadt has become well known to media and tourists.

With juwi's support, the town plans to cover 100 per cent of its energy needs with renewable sources power by 2017. The municipality is following the example of Morbach, where juwi has helped launch “Energy Landscape Morbach” a plan to shift Morbach to 100% renewable energy sources.

juwi supports: 100% Renewable Electricity + Solar Hot Water in Tsumkwe, Namibia


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