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Region of Mené

Photo credit: AFP - Mychèle Daniau

100% Renewable Energy Goal:

Net Zero Electricity and Heating by 2012, 100% Renewable Energy by 2030


Communauté de Communes du Mené


Recognizing their abundant agricultural resources and wanting to give themselves an economic boost, 7 industrious villages in Mené--located in the Côtes d'Armor region in Brittany, France--decided to embark on a plan to achieve 100% renewable, local energy by 2030. The idea started in the early 2000's when farmers began worrying seriously about their impact on the environment and local economic development.

Mené, which has approximately 6300 inhabitants, most of whom are farmers and employees of an industrial scale slaughterhouse, has set an interim target of becoming zero net energy--that is producing as much energy as it consumes--for heating and electricity by 2012.They have already reached several milestones: A facility that produces rapeseed oil, Merergol, opened in 2007 at Saint Gouéno and makes oil for diesel tractor motors, as well as cattle cake that is used by local dairy farmers and that has eliminated the need to import soy cattle cake from Brazil. In two other Communes in Mené, locally grown wood supplies heating for 4500 square meters of buildings, which replaces 300 tonnes of petroleum based heating oil. Heating systems will also add wood from a plantation irrigated by waste water from Géotexia, a new biogas plant. Work is underway on a 25 MW wind farm, and 35 new zero energy residential buildings are being developed.



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