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Region of Freisinger Land

Photo credit: Landratsamt Freising

100% Renewable Energy Goal:

100% Renewable Electricity Region by 2020


Freising, Bavaria, Germany


Early in 2007, the region, which consists of 24 municipalities and a population of 164,692, created “The Solar Region Freisingerland” with a 100 % renewable electricity target by 2035. To support the shift to renewable energy in their region, they set up a competition between the 24 municipalities and called it “Solar-Kreisliga-championship.” 6 municipalities are already energy champions and reached their 100% renewables electricity goal. In 2010,  the region already produced 54.6% electricity from renewables. If they continue on this successful track, Freisling could reach their goal of 100% renewables electricity 15 years ahead of schedule in 2020.  



The Solar Region Freisingerland” PDF in german


Energy shift in the Region, in german


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