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Island of Samso

Photo credits: Samsø Energy Academy

100% Renewable Energy Goal Achieved:

100% Renewable Electricity, 70% Renewable Heating. 100% Carbon Neutral Transportation


Samso, Denmark


The island is 100% powered wind-generated electricity. About 70% of island heating needs are met with renewable energy, and the carbon emissions from transportation energy consumption is 100% compensated by the electricity production from the offshore wind turbines.

There are plans in the works to establish a cooperatively run pig farm-based biogas plant. This biogas will be used to produce electricity, and the excess heat will be used for heating purposes.

Information campaigns promote new neighborhood heating systems and individual solutions. Heat pump systems are now attractive because the island generates a surplus of electricity.

The transportation sector can in part be supplied with canola oil for diesel vehicles, and the island’s gasoline cars can use bioethanol or can be converted to hydrogen and electricity. These will be ready when technological innovation and lower prices make large scale conversion feasible.

The Island's Energy Academy offers courses and workshops on these future perspectives and it will continue to accommodate the many visitors interested in Samsø, Denmark’s energy program.


[read more - Interview with
Søren Hermansen, Director, Energy Academy, Samso



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