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City of Copenhagen

100% Renewable Energy Goal:

Carbon Neutral Capital by 2025


Copenhagen, Denmark


The City of Copenhagen set a goal of achieving 100% becoming the first carbon neutral capital by 2025 by becoming a test bed and showcase for green solutions. increasing efficiency and renewable energy and by investing in offsets outside the country. Offshore wind already supplies enough power to cover most of the city’s electricity needs. This power is fed into the national grid where it supplies 10% of the nation’s electricity requirement.

Carbon free transportation solutions include pedestrian centers, miles of bike routes, support for public transportation, and plans for charging stations and free parking for EVs. A large share of residents already ride their bikes to work.

Heating is being addressed by expansion of combined heat and power plants, as well as geothermal energy, which is a plentiful resource in the region.

The city's carbon neutral effort is in the context of the country of Denmark's legally binding commitment to achieve 100% renewable power and heat by 2030 and 100% renewable energy overall by 2050.

Copenhagen is collaborating closely with the City of Malmo in Sweden, which has a similarly ambitious clean energy program. The cities foresee a combined population growth from 2011-2025 of 3.7 to 4 million inhabitants. Together they are committed to ensuring a high quality of life that integrates environmental sustainability.

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