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100% Renewable Eco Chalet

Photo credit: St Martin Chalets


100% Renewable Energy Goal Achieved:

St. Martin 100% Renewable Eco Chalet


St. Michael, Austria




The St. Martin Chalets are beautiful tourist accommodations located approximately an hour south of Salzburg in the Austrian Alps. The chalets have incorporated sustainable building practices throughout, including deriving all their heat and electricity supply from renewable sources.


A vegetable oil Combined Heat and Power (CHP) unit supplies all the heat, along with electricity. When back-up electricity is needed, i100% certified green energy is purchased, which comes from wind, solar, hydro, or biomass. Complimenting this renewable energy system is high efficiency sheep wool insulation and treble glazed windows.


In addition to generating their own clean energy, St. Martin Chalets recycle all their waste, as is the local legal requirement, or in the case of organic waste, collect it for the compost that nourishes the resort's vegetable garden.


Water comes from their own private spring, which is used efficiently with the implementation of water saving faucets and toilets. Also all irrigation is supplied by rainwater, which is collected and stored in a large underground tank.

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