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100% Renewable Europe Declaration

Danish minister for energy and current holder of the EU presidency Martin Lidegaard receives a declaration supporting a 100% renewable energy future for Europe from Greenpeace EU energy policy director Frauke Thies. (Photo: Lars Bertelsen / Greenpeace)

Greenpeace activists holding rainbow umbrellas call for 100 percent renewable energy on a Copenhagen beach last year. (Photo: Lars Bertelsen / Greenpeace)

100% Renewable Energy Goal:

Supporting a 100% Renewable Energy Target for the European Union


European Union


The European Union is developing an energy vision for Europe for the next four decades. This roadmap for the energy sector will outline the technology options for the future European energy supply. 

Hundreds of companies, organisations, politicians, cities and regions have already backed a 100% renewable energy ambition for 2050. More are invited to sign this declaration and express their support for a truly green and sustainable energy supply. 

April 16,   2012, the declaration was handed over to European decision-makers. [read more]



Leading Organisations:

EREC - European Renewable Energy Council


EUFORES - European Forum for Renewable Energy Sources


Greenpeace - European Unit



Supporting a 100% renewable energy vision


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