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100 Percent Renewable Foundation

100% Renewable Energy Goal Achieved:

Advocate For and Educate About 100% Renewable Energy


Berlin, Germany


Changing to a 100% renewable energy supply is an epochal challenge. The 100 prozent erneuerbar stiftung (100 percent renewable foundation) aims to make a substantial contribution towards a solution to this challenge. They have technical expertise and a pioneering approach to lead the way into an age of renewable energy. They know the path that has to be beaten, and in collaboration with their partners, they are taking action to make sure that this path is prepared quickly, effectively and efficiently. 


Their activities fall into four main areas:

 They enter into dialogue with politicians, decision-makers and other people in society who can spread their messages.

Education: They promote awareness of the energy revolution and explain the background to this new era in power generation.

Local networks: They are involved in local and regional projects geared towards achieving the energy revolution.

 They provide the technical expertise needed to make the energy revolution happen.


Link: 100 Prozent Erneuerbar Stiftung




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