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100% Renewable Electricity and Heat

Photo credit: andareingiro.net

Biogas Photo credit:giann.net

Photo credit: Madatsch Hotel Prato Allo Stelvio

100% Renewable Energy Goal Achieved:

100% Renewable Electricity and Heat For the Community



Prato allo Stelvia, Italy



Prato allo Stelvia is a small Italian town with big renewable energy success. The town of 3,200 inhabitants combines several renewable energy technologies, including a 1.4 MW central biomass heating plant, 4 small hydroelectric plants totaling just over 2 MW,  5.4 MW of rooftop solar power spread throughout the town, and a 1.2 MW wind farm. 

The citizens of Prato all Stelvia receive many benefits from this energy mix. Their air is free of pollution from conventional power plants, and defying the doubters of the world who insist that renewable energy is too expensive, their utility bills are reduced by 30-40%. Moreover, in 2003, when nearly all of Italy's power failed in a massive black out, this little town had no problems, despite being connected to the national grid, thanks to its efficient locally operated grid powered by renewable power plants. 

Prato allo Stelvia has received international attention that includes winning the 2010 RES Champions League title for having the best policies to promote renewable energy. (The RES Champions League is a renewable energy competition among European cities.)

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