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100% Renewable Utility

Photo credit: Good Energy

100% Renewable Energy Goal Achieved:

Supplies 100% Renewable Electricity and Heat, Also Advocates for 100% Renewable Energy in Europe by 2050



Chippenham, Wilshire, UK



Good Energy has been a 100% renewable electricity utility since 1999, and according to the company website, it is the first and only utility in the UK that can claim that achievement.

Beginning in 2008, Good Energy added renewable heat to its services.

Today, the utility invests in several renewable energy projects directly and is additionally supplied by more than 7000 independent generators throughout the UK.

Technologies in Good Energy's electricity mix include wind, solar photovoltaics, small hydro, and a pioneering tidal power project. Biomass is used for heat.

Whereas customers used to pay a premium for the 100% renewable energy provided, Good Energy states that it has not raised electricity rates since 2009 and that its prices are now lower than the UK's major conventional utilities.

In 2004, Good Energy made UK history again by offering to pay small renewable electricity producers for power they put into the grid, a policy widely known as a feed-in tariff (FIT). About 1,100 small renewable energy generators are signed up for the FIT program. Good Energy's success has led to it helping to develop the national UK Feed-In Tariff program.

Good Energy advocates for Europe achieving a 100% renewable energy by 2050.

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