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Projects in Australia

Please note that the information on these pages represents the best available at the time the entries were created, and while the map aims to be comprehensive, is likely missing 100% renewable projects that are happening in the world. Updates are welcome to keep the entries current.

8 Projects(s)  found in radius of  4040.57  km
Project Country Key City
Canberra - 100% Renewable Powered Capitol City by 2020 Australia Canberra  Details
Repower Australia Australia Carlton  Details
Byron Shire - Zero Emissions Community (copy 1) Australia Mullumbimby  Details
100% Renewable Energy Campaign Australia Newtown  Details
Sydney, Australia - 100% Renewable Energy City Australia Sydney  Details
Uralla, 100% Renewable "Z-Net" Case Study Australia Uralla  Details
Zero Carbon Emissions in New Zealand by 2050 New Zealand Dunedin  Details
Papua New Guinea - 100% Renewable Electricity by 2030 Papua New Guinea Port Moresby  Details
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