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100% Renewable Energy Goal Achieved:

100% Renewable Electricity + Solar Hot Water


Tsumkwe, Namibia

The Tsumkwe Energy Project was finished in August 2011 and consists of a 200 kW solar hybrid power plant and off grid system developed and installed by juwi Germany. The project was implemented by the Desert Research Foundation of Namibia, in close partnership with NamPower and the Otjozondjupa Regional Council and with financial support from the European Union.  

The system contains 918 polycrystalline panels and battery storage of one megawatt. It supplies 100 percent clean electricity to the local hospital, police station, radio station, water supply, mobile network and the town's 100 households. For backup only, in case extra power is needed when the battery is low, three diesel generators are integrated into the system. The cost of the solar-diesel system, the largest hybrid-generating project in Southern Africa, will be about $4 million in U.S. dollars. Three-quarters is financed by the E.U., 14 percent by NamPower, and 11 percent by the Otjozondjupa Regional Council. If successful, the hybrid system will offer a model for small-scale renewable power generation throughout Namibia, where only 13 percent of communities are connected to NamPower, and elsewhere in Africa.

Today, Tsumkwe has additionally almost 80 solar water heaters, has switched out inefficient incandescent lights for energy saving lights, and has converted all electricity users to pre-payment metering. "Energy efficiency is an integral part to renewable energy, and it was vital to reduce Tsumkwe's electricity consumption, before making power generation changes," says Abraham Hangula, the Tsumkwe Energy project manager. 



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