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JEEP Folkecenter

Photo credit: Nordic Folkecenter

100% Renewable Energy Goal Achieved:


Promoting the 100% Renewable Energy Concept to Rural Villagers in Uganda 





Kampala, Uganda




JEEP Folkecenter is a Ugandan non-governmental organization (NGO) which was formed in 1983 in the light of the drought and subsequent famine in Ethiopia. Ethiopia's disaster was a result of environmental problems and therefore was JEEP formed to prevent the same situation from occurring in Uganda. Since then, JEEP has worked to prevent environmental degradation and conserve natural resources.

JEEP has been in contact with the Nordic Folkecenter since 1996, was a partner with the Danish NGO MS in 1999-2005 and became a Folkecenter in 2005.

The two Folkecenters are in regular contact and regularly sends employees for inspiration at each other.

JEEP Folkecenter offers a variety of activities, the most significant are:
- Construction of energy-saving stoves
- Lectures and courses
- Installation of solar energy

Text: Nordic Folkecenter


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