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Valley View University

Photo credit: ioev.de

100% Renewable Energy Goal Achieved:

100% Renewable Power As Part of Ecological University Commitment



Accra, Ghana



Valley View University is located in Accra, the capital of Ghana, and since 2001, has been becoming the first ecological university of Africa. The technological concept serves as a regional and international pilot model. The master plan offers an architectural and urban planning framework intended to conserve land use and energy, as well as to create closed nutrient and water cycles that support the local economy.

Electricity is generated from rooftop solar panels and kitchen waste that is converted to energy at the on-campus biogas plant. Rain water is collected and processed. Enhancing the new sustainable campus is the development of the first degree program in ecological studies.

Energy form: Solar, biogas

Project size: Remodeling of a 120-hectare (296.5 acre) university campus

Investment amount: 1.3 million euros (International Climate Protection Initiative) 



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