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Projects in Africa

Please note that the information on these pages represents the best available at the time the entries were created, and while the map aims to be comprehensive, is likely missing 100% renewable projects that are happening in the world. Updates are welcome to keep the entries current.

* Continent and Ocean choices are for navigational purposes and may not reflect the continent to which a location officially belongs.

12 Projects(s)  found in radius of  8975.71  km
Project Country Key City
Solar village in Bôtbadjang Cameroon Ndom  Details
Solar village in Ngaoundéré Cameroon Ngaoundéré  Details
Solar Village Monte Trigo Cape Verde Monte Trigo  Details
Energy Autonomy for Ile de la Reunion France Saint-Denis  Details
Valley View University Ghana Oyibi  Details
Solar Village Ampasina Maningory Madagascar Ampasina Maningory  Details
Jewish Heart for Africa Malawi Lilongwe  Details
Tsumkwe Namibia Tsumkwe  Details
Mali-Folkecenter Republic of Mali Bamako  Details
JEEP Folkecenter Uganda Kampala  Details
100% Renewable Energy Champion District Uganda Kasese  Details
Sioma High School Zambia Sioma  Details
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