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Island of Graciosa

100% Renewable Energy Goal

Becoming a 100% Energy Self-Sufficient Island With Renewable Resources by 2014


Island of Graciosa


The Portuguese island of Graciosa, a 10km-long volcanic isle in the Azores, has set an ambitious goal to have a self-sufficient energy system. Like many islands, Graciosa depends on expensive, dirty imported petroleum to supply its energy needs. But several islanders have installed off-grid renewable power projects to make use of Graciosa's abundant wind and sunshine. There are also plans to run the old diesel generators on locally produced biodiesel, first 70 percent, then 100 percent.

The renewable power project will also get connected with a micro-grid. The islanders are developing what they call the world’s first stand-alone renewable energy network. Berlin-based Younicos, a spin-off  from German solar module manufacturing giant Solon, is managing this project that will wire together 7MW of wind turbines, a 1MW PV solar farm and a six-unit 3MW storage facility made up of several sodium sulphur (NaS) batteries to supply the island’s 4,600 residents, starting in 2014.

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