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District of Traunstein 100% Renewable Power by 2020

Traunstein Marketplace, Phot credit: Mario Becker -Project-B-WW

Chiemgau south of Traunstein, Photo credit: Flodur63

1.45 MW PV Ppwerplant, operator EG Wolkersdorf, Photo credit: Sonnenkreis_Ziele_und_Umsetzung.pdf

EV Charging station, Photo credit: Sonnenkreis_Ziele_und_Umsetzung.pdf

100% Renewable Energy Goal:
100% Renewable Power by 2020

District of Traunstein, Germany


Traunstein is the second largest district in Bavaria in Southern Germany. With a population of 170,000, the district is located is a region called Chiemgau between Munich and Salzburg.Traunstein has set a goal of meeting all their electricity demand with renewable resources by 2020. The district is already more than half way there.

Traunstein's total annual power demand is nearly 650 million kilowatt-hours (kWh) (2010). The district understands that to reach the 100% renewable target, a mix of sources will be required. In 2010, 146 million kWh were supplied by hydropower. Biomass has been growing particularly in the district and generates over 140 million kWh of electricity. Solar power has also expanded significantly, from 18 million kWh in 2005 to at least 68 million kWh. Hydropower, geothermal and wind are viewed as having potential for expansion to reach the 2020 100% goal.

Traunstein held a climate and energy conference in which the district laid out a platform of goals and ideas for their renewable energy planning.
The goals laid out were:

- Climate protection
- Conservation of resources
- Healthy environment
- Energy savings
- Stable cost of living
- Energy efficiency
- Jobs in the regional economy
- Regional renewable energy
- Local value added

They determined the way to achieve their aim must include the following components:

- Creating awareness
- Good information for all citizens
- Personal energy audits
- Reducing power consumption
- Insulation
- Proper heating
- Economically, environmentally-friendly cars and transport

They have involved local experts via a climate and energy conference, working with universities, among others, as well as encouraging local citizens to take the following actions:
- Using energy efficiently
- Supplying heat from the sun by installing solar systems for heating and hot water
- Generating energy from wood and biomass
- Using district heating supplied by renewable energy sources
- Installing heat pumps
- Generating power with rooftop solar photovoltaic systems
- Using environmentally friendly mobility

Partners of the project include the Cities of Traunstein, Traunreut, Trostberg, Tittmoning


Interview with Dr. Birgit Seeholzer,
Project Manager Climate and energy conference of the district of Traunstein 




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