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Projects in Europe

Please note that the information on these pages represents the best available at the time the entries were created, and while the map aims to be comprehensive, is likely missing 100% renewable projects that are happening in the world. Updates are welcome to keep the entries current.

86 Projects(s)  found in radius of  6008.17  km
Project Country Key City
Region of Roemerland-Carnuntum Austria Bruck an der Leitha  Details
Region of Burgenland Austria Eisenstadt  Details
City of Güssing Austria Guessing  Details
Carinthia - 100% Renewable Energy Region Austria Klagenfurt  Details
Region of Upper Austria Austria Linz  Details
100% Renewable Eco Chalet Austria St. Michael  Details
Lower Austria - 100% Renewable Electricity Region Austria St. Pölten  Details
100% Renewable Europe Declaration Belgium Brussels  Details
City of Copenhagen Denmark Copenhagen  Details
100% Renewable Denmark Denmark Copenhagen K  Details
Energy City Frederikshavn Denmark Frederikshavn  Details
H2College Youth Housing Denmark Herning  Details
100+% Renewable Island Denmark Maribo  Details
Ringkøbing-Skjern - All Renewable Energy Municipality by 2020 Denmark Ringkøbing  Details
Island of Samso Denmark Samsø  Details
The Nordic Folkecenter Denmark Sønder Ydby  Details
City of Thisted, Thy-Mors Denmark Thy-Mors  Details
Region of Mené France Collinée  Details
Perpignan - Energy Positive With Renewables France Perpignan  Details
Region of Alzey-Land Germany Alzey  Details
City and Region of Bamberg Germany Bamberg  Details
100 Percent Renewable Foundation Germany Berlin  Details
Eurosolar Germany Bonn  Details
290% Renewable Bruchsmühlbach-Miesau Germany Bruchmühlbach-Miesau  Details
Coelbe - 100% Renewable Community by 2040 Germany Cölbe  Details
City of Dardesheim - 4000% Renewable Power Germany Dardesheim  Details
Naturstrom - 100% Renewable Utility Germany Duesseldorf  Details
200% Renewable Village Germany Effelter  Details
City of Frankfurt 100% by 2050 Germany Frankfurt  Details
City of Freiamt Germany Freiamt  Details
Freiburg 100% Renewable Region Germany Freiburg  Details
Region of Freisinger Land Germany Freising  Details
400% Renewable Electricity Germany Großbardorf  Details
Greenpeace 100% Renewable Utility Germany Hamburg  Details
Aller-Leine-Tal - 100+% Region Germany Häuslingen  Details
City of Juehnde Germany Juehnde  Details
Schleswig-Holstein: 100+% Renewable Power Germany Kiel  Details
5000% Renewable Town Germany Kronprinzenkoog  Details
100% Renewable Energy District Germany Lüchow  Details
University Leuphana Germany Lüneburg  Details
Energy Landscape Morbach Germany Morbach  Details
City of Munich Germany Munich  Details
Niestetal - 100% Renewable Energy Municipality Germany Niestetal  Details
Region of Ostfriesland/Papenburg Germany Papenburg  Details
Municipality of Saerbeck Energy Autonomy Germany Saerbeck  Details
City of Schoenau Germany Schoenau  Details
Mecklenburg-Vorpommern -100+% Renewable Power Equivalent State Germany Schwerin  Details
Rhein - Hunsrück - 100% Renewable Energy District Germany Simmern/Hunsrück  Details
Lake Constance 100% Renewable Energy Germany Singen  Details
City of Sankt Michaelisdonn Germany St. Michaelisdonn  Details
District of Traunstein 100% Renewable Power by 2020 Germany Traunstein  Details
100% Renewable Community Germany Treuenbrietzen/OT Feldheim  Details
Region of Trier Germany Trier  Details
Plant-for-the-Planet Germany Tutzing  Details
Region of Ulm/Neu-Ulm Germany Ulm  Details
juwi - 100+% Renewable Office Building Germany Wörrstadt  Details
Hessen - 100% Renewable Germany Wiesbaden  Details
300% Renewable Power/100% Renewable Energy Germany Wildpoldsried  Details
Wolfhagen - 100% Renewable Energy Town Germany Wolfhagen  Details
Zschadraß - Self-Sufficient 100% Renewable Energy Village Germany Zschadraß  Details
Country of Iceland Iceland Reykjavík  Details
City of Reykjavik Iceland Reykjavik  Details
100+% Renewable Energy City Italy Brunico  Details
100+% Renewable Power and Heat Italy Dobbiaco  Details
100% Renewable Energy Community Italy Morgex  Details
100% Renewable Electricity and Heat Italy Prato allo Stelvio  Details
City of Varese Ligure Italy Varese Ligure  Details
IKEA - 100% Renewable Power by 2020 Netherlands Leiden  Details
WWF Headquarters Netherlands Zeist  Details
Kisielice - Energy Self-Sufficient Commune Poland Kisielice  Details
Island of Graciosa Portugal Graciosa  Details
Country of Scotland Scotland Edinburgh  Details
Village of Šentrupert - 100% Renewable Power and Heat by 2020 Slovenia Šentrupert  Details
100% Renewable Electricity Region Spain Mérida  Details
Island of El Hierro Spain Valverde / Isla de El Hierro  Details
County of Jämtland, Sweden Sweden Östersund  Details
Municipality of Kristianstad Sweden Kristianstad  Details
City of Malmo Sweden Malmo  Details
Climate Neutral Island of Gotland Sweden Visby  Details
Global Solar Hotel Network Switzerland Lucerne  Details
Valley of Toggenburg Switzerland Wattwil  Details
Bozcaada - 100% Renewable Powered Island Turkey Bozcaada  Details
100% Renewable Utility UK Chippenham  Details
Isle of Wight - Eco Island UK Isle of Wight  Details
IKEA UK London  Details
Beddington Zero Energy Development UK Surrey  Details
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