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Projects in North America

Please note that the information on these pages represents the best available at the time the entries were created, and while the map aims to be comprehensive, is likely missing 100% renewable projects that are happening in the world. Updates are welcome to keep the entries current.

42 Projects(s)  found in radius of  9676.63  km
Project Country Key City
City of Vancouver - 100% Renewable Energy Canada Vancouver  Details
Victoria - 100% Renewable Energy City by 2050 Canada Victoria  Details
Oxford County - 100% Renewable Energy by 2050 (copy 1) Canada Woodstock  Details
Costa Rica - 100% Renewable Energy Nation Costa Rica San Jose  Details
La Paz - 100% Solar Electricity Mexico La Paz  Details
City of Aspen - 100% Renewable Power by 2015 USA Aspen  Details
Whole Foods - 100% Powered by Renewables USA Austin  Details
City of Boulder - 100% Renewable Electricity Community Wide by 2030 USA Boulder  Details
Burlington, VT - 100% Renewable Public Power USA Burlington  Details
Del Mar - 100% Renewable Electricity by 2035 USA Del Mar  Details
B&B in Florence Massachusetts USA Florence  Details
FortZED - Net Zero Demonstration District USA Fort Collins  Details
Georgetown, TX - 100% renewable power procurement USA Georgetown  Details
City of Greensburg, Kansas USA Greensburg  Details
Green Idea House USA Hermosa Beach  Details
Hawaii-100% by 2045 Renewable Portfolio Standard USA Honolulu  Details
Solar Living Institute USA Hopland  Details
City of Ithaca, NY USA Ithaca  Details
Kodiak Island - 99.5% Locally Owned Renewable power USA Kodiak  Details
Lancaster: Net Zero Power City by 2020 USA Lancaster  Details
Mar Vista Green Power Community USA Los Angeles  Details
Venice Green Power Community USA Los Angeles  Details
Silverlake Green Power Community USA Los Angeles  Details
University of Southern New Hampshire USA Manchester  Details
City of Moab - 100% Renewable Electricity by 2032 USA Moab  Details
Google - 100% Renewable Electricity USA Mountain View  Details
Leelenau Township - 100% Renewable Energy USA NORTHPORT  Details
City of Palo Alto USA Palo Alto  Details
City of Park City - 100% Renewable Electricity by 2032 USA Park City  Details
Rochester, MN - 100% Renewable Energy by 2031 USA Rochester  Details
Salt Lake City - 100% Renewable Electricity by 2032 USA Salt Lake City  Details
San Diego - 100% Renewable Power by 2035 USA San Diego  Details
San Francisco - 100% Renewable Power by 2030 USA San Francisco  Details
Solar Cells Light Up Alcatraz Prison USA San Francisco,  Details
San José - 100% Renewable Power by 2022 USA San José  Details
Marine Exchange of Southern California USA San Pedro  Details
County of Marin, California USA San Rafael  Details
City of Santa Barbara, California USA Santa Barbara  Details
Scituate, MA - 100% Renewable Power USA Scituate  Details
Champlain Orchards USA Shoreham  Details
St. Petersburg: 100% Renewable Energy City USA St. Petersburg  Details
East Hampton - 100% Renewable Energy by 2030 USA Town of East Hampton  Details
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