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September 30, 2015
By: David Suzuki and Wanjira Mathai

Going 100% renewable energy for a better future

Wind power for the future. Credit: Climate Action Network

Despite being major centres, it is not a given that decisions made in New York and Paris reverberate in villages in Bangladesh, in boardrooms in Bogota and in the city hall of Vancouver. But that’s exactly what needs to happen this Autumn when world leaders meet at two major summits in those cities. There, they will set a course for the future by signing two agreements to deal with the interlinked challenges facing us - poverty, inequality and climate change.

What these summits must signal is the speeding up of the seismic shift underway in the underpinnings of our economy - from reliance on polluting fossil fuels to a future powered by 100% sustainable renewable energy.

Why? Because the latest climate science warns us that we cannot do otherwise. And because 100% renewable energy is what communities are rolling out in order to beat back poverty as these technologies can provide sustainable energy access where coal, oil and gas have failed for the last century.


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