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In 2011, the Renewables 100 Policy Institute created the Go 100% Renewable Energy project as part of our mission to study and accelerate the global transition to 100% renewable energy.

Our travels had taught us first hand that seeing is believing that 100% renewable energy is not only possible, but a smarter, more efficient, cleaner way of managing energy systems. So why not help others see by helping them virtually travel to 100% renewable energy projects around the world?

We also knew that global 100% renewable energy would take a global movement.

And clearly, people need as many learning tools as possible about how to transition to 100% renewable energy.

To help people see specific efforts to target, achieve, and go beyond 100% renewable energy around the world, we aimed to make go100percent.org home to the first comprehensive interactive map of communities, regions, countries, and organizations that have set or achieved 100% renewable energy targets in at least one sector (power, heating/cooling, transportation). Updates and new project submissions are welcome.

To build an international movement, we set out to make go100percent.org a virtual global gathering place of those who support the effort to Go 100% renewable energy. The website has visitors from every continent.

To help people learn more, go100percent.org also provides an online learning library of publications and films, video interviews by our team and others, links to other projects about 100% renewable energy, and relevant news and event announcements. Please contact us with ideas for additions.

It is exciting to see how quickly go100percent.org has become a networking hub and means to forward other 100% renewable energy projects and campaigns. Whether fighting against dirty energy development or fighting for 100% renewable energy targets, Go 100% tools have helped to motivate and inform. In 2013, the Renewables 100 Policy Institute's Go 100% Renewable Energy project inspired a sister effort among leading European renewable energy advocates. The project also has been featured in numerous media outlets, including the documentary film The Future of Energy. 

Please let us know if you have ideas for how we can better serve.

We hope you will join us.

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