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January 24, 2013

Africa's Renewable Future: the Path to Sustainable Growth

IRENA's new Report on Africa's Renewable Future

Africa is undergoing a sustained period of economic growth and transformation. Itspopulation is growing rapidly, and its economies are developing and diversifying.In order to be sustained, this growth will need to be fuelled by a massive investmentin energy.

It is this report’s contention that Africa has the potential and the ability to utiliseits renewable resources to fuel the majority of its future growth with renewableenergy. Doing so would be economically competitive with other solutions, wouldunlock economies of scale, and would offer substantial benefits in terms of equitabledevelopment, local value creation, energy security, and environmental sustainability.

Such an unprecedented transformation will not happen all by itself. It can onlybe made possible by a concerted effort by policy makers to develop enablingframeworks to spur investment and facilitate market development through soundpolicies and regional cooperation.

Africa’s Renewable Future showcases examples where this effort is alreadyhappening and can be replicated – as well as how IRENA is uniquely positioned tocontribute to that work.

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