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January 20, 2015
By: Jonathan Gifford - PV-Magazine

100% Northeast Asian renewable system plotted

Wind farm in Xinjiang, China ? Photo by: 林 慕尧 / Chris Lim / Creative Commons

Finnish researchers have concluded that a 100% renewable energy system is feasible in China, Korea and Japan. They conclude that within 10 years solar and wind will be the cheapest sources of electricity in Northeast Asia.

A number of models to plot fully renewable energy systems have been developed, such as Fraunhofer ISE’s work on Germany and the University of New South Wales on Australia. Researchers from three Finnish institutions, in an international consortium, have turned their attention to Northeast Asia, finding that a comprehensive renewable system can be developed in China, Korea and Japan.

China and Japan represented key solar markets in 2014 and are set to do so again in 2015, in analysis from BNEF released last week.

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