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Latest news from Asia

September 28, 2013

Citi sees $5.7 trillion renewables opportunity – with no added grid costs

Analysts at Citi have produced a detailed report which suggests another 900 gigawatts of solar installations, and another 1,500GW of wind farms could be installed around the world with little added cost to electricity grids. This...[more]

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September 26, 2013

100% Renewable Energy

100% renewable energy makes the cover story of Renewable Energy World magazine! Featuring Renewables 100 Policy Institute, Go 100 Percent Renewable Energy and many pioneering leaders who are making 100% renewable a...[more]

Category: Europe - News, South America - News, North America - News, Africa - News, Asia - News

July 24, 2013

Vast costs of Arctic change

The global impacts of a warming Arctic could carry a price tag comparable to the size of the global economy in 2012, according to a Comment piece in this week's Nature. Unlike the loss of sea ice, the vulner-ability of polar...[more]

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July 14, 2013

The World Nuclear Industry Status Report 2013

Two years after the Fukushima disaster started unfolding on 11 March 2011, its impact on the global nuclear industry has become increasingly visible. Global electricity generation from nuclear plants dropped by a...[more]

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June 30, 2013

Philippines Maps out Plan to Switch to 100 Percent Renewables in 10 Years

Manila, Philippines—The Worldwatch Institute’s Climate and Energy Director, Alexander Ochs, met with the Climate Change Commission (CCC) and high-level representatives of the federal and provincial governments of the Philippines...[more]

Category: Asia - News

December 14, 2012

China’s New Solar Target: 40 GW By 2015 (8 Times More Than Its Initial 5 GW Target)

Before this week, China’s latest 2015 solar target increase was in July, when the official target was brought up to 21 GW. Then, just a couple months later (in September), it was rumored that China was going to increase the...[more]

Category: Asia - News

October 19, 2012

Saudi Arabia reveals plans to be powered entirely by renewable energy

World's biggest oil producer says it wants to make a 100% switch from fossil fuels to clean energy[more]

Category: Asia - News

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