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Interview with Mayor, Bob Dixson

City of Greensburg, Kansas

100% Renewable Energy Achieved:

100% renewable energy power, as part of a master sustainability plan
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1.What inspired the decision for your community pursue your 100% renewable energy goal?

The wind that destroyed Greensburg is also the wind that would make us energy sustainable. It only made sense to take advantage of the renewable wind energy source to meet the City’s energy needs. We also have solar and geothermal that compliments the wind.

2.What mix of technologies have you used and/or do you intend to use? Why have you made these choices?

Wind, solar and geothermal technologies have been used. Geothermal was chosen because payoff, for us, was quicker than wind or solar at the individual building level. The community wind farm allows all citizens to use renewable energy without having a small wind turbine on their property.     

3. What have been the greatest obstacles so far? If you have overcome any of them, how did you do it?

How to finance the wind farm was a major challenge. The question was: Do we build a City owned wind farm or do we purchase our electricity from the wind farm that was developed and built with private/public partnerships? We chose the latter. It was the best option for the City and the citizens.

4. Were there policies that were particularly effective to helping your project advance? Were there any policies or regulations that stood in your way, and if so, how have you handled this?

We spent considerable time making sure that we had a Net Metering Ordinance, proper codes for alternative energy generation so residents could have generation on site and Zoning to achieve the renewable energy goal.

5. What have been the greatest benefits of your project so far?

All of the electricity consumed in Greensburg is from Renewable Energy.

6. What has the process been of financing your project?

We have used a combination of Private investment, USDA Rural Development funds and Local Municipal funds to partner on the project.



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